Personal Hero Advantage

- find the dota 2 heroes that the user is good (or bad) with.
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Each hero can have different roles, for example Antimage is a Core hero, which can farm on the safelane and is a Carry. Some heroes can have multiple roles, like Initiator or Support, or can go on more than one lane.
For each type of hero we simply take all the heroes that fit in that category and add their hero advantage score, average it to the number of heroes, and then show which one is greater.
What type of heroes the user seems to be good at, in order (left is better).
This should highlight what you are more successful with and not how much you actually play.

<%scoreRolesAvg%> <%roleType.display%>:
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The score represents how good the user been with a hero lately. It is an aggregation of the overall win rate of a hero, the win rate in the last 10 matches, last month and last 3 months scaled with the number of played matches.
They range from +1 to -1 (+1 is good and -1 is bad) and will be used by Personal.

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