Getting friends together

Stats are always fun, friends' stats are even better. Many of you have asked for us to make the Personal Hero Advantage Scores public, but we believe it could turn into a tool for bullying. We will instead let you see your friends' stats and we will also index their matches.

    We will also try to add the following features:
  • Make a webpage with links to all your friends' stats.
  • Add various stats about the matches you played together and the possibility to sort your friends based on these stats: number of games played together, winrate, and so on; this may be pretty resource-intensive and we may have to limit the number of processed matches (50-100 or last month(s) matches, a bit more for Personal users); we can also try to make this number dynamic, based on the server load.
  • Update the User Stats so that you can compare yourself with your friends (GPM, XPM, Games Count, etc).

This may take a while to develop, but don't worry, it won’t stop us from working on the remaining features of Personal. If you have other ideas, as always, we are glad to hear them.

posted by Marius on March 16, 2015