We're going Personal!

We asked you some time ago if you would like to go Personal. The vote went very well (55+% of responders said yes) and your messages were overwhelmingly positive. We will start working on it asap.

Test before you buy

We want everybody to be able to test this feature before buying. Generating the Personal Score is pretty resource-intensive, so we cannot enable it for all users without it taking down our servers. We will make sure however that everybody will be able to use the Personal Full Picker bonus scores for one day by rotation, if the servers are not overloaded.

The release plan

We start today with releasing a page where you can see the heroes with which you have been good or bad lately. You can find it here. These are the scores on which Personal will be based and they might be surprising at times. Some heroes with which you think you are good might in fact be weaker than heroes you overlooked.

We also added the Personal Scores feature to the Full Picker in the test-before-you-buy mode. It adds bonus based on how well you played lately with each of the heroes. Using it does not mean that it will not suggest heroes that you are bad with, just that it will suggest them only when they are very good in the lineup.

Next we will implement the payment system. For starters we will use PayPal.

The price for Personal (which we will announce soon) will be reduced until all the remaining features are added: better match indexing with priority for Personal users, favorite and disliked heroes, custom hero roles and points, custom formula for suggestions.

Thank you for making this possible

When we started this project we never imagined how big it would get and how much everybody would appreciate it! Thank you for all your supporting emails, suggestions and help. Also thanks to all our donors, who helped us keep the site up. All your donations have been converted to Personal.

posted by Marius on March 2, 2015

Weekly giveaway

Payment system implemented. You can now go Personal.

Weekly giveaways to random members of our Facebook Page (for two months). Good luck!

posted by Marius on March 9, 2015

Favorite and disliked heroes

Favorite and disliked heroes have been added. They can be set on a new settings page.

posted by Marius on March 17, 2015